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Ketosis Diet for Weight Loss

Looking for information on the benefits of a ketosis diet? Read on! Are you following a “paleo” diet… and yet still find that you haven’t lost all the weight you’d like to? If so, you're not alone. While following an ancestral diet is a powerful way to provide your body with more disease-fighting nutrients and eliminate many of the inflammatory compounds in common foods, many people find the … [Read more...]

A Gluten Free Diet for Weight Loss (Not So Fast!)

If you've gone gluten-free, you've probably noticed some significant changes in your health. Better digestion, more energy and a brighter mood are what most people report feeling after a few weeks on a gluten free diet. But what about a gluten free diet for weight loss? Isn't a going gluten free supposed to help you lose weight? While removing gluten can certainly reduce inflammation - a … [Read more...]

Unlock Glucagon: Your Body’s Fat-Burning Hormone

This may come as a surprise, but burning body fat and sculpting a lean, healthy physique is not about eating less food. It's about eating the right kinds of foods. If you've been reading Healing Gourmet for a while,you know that high-glycemic foods promote weight gain by stimulating the "fat-storage hormone," insulin. But keeping your blood sugar stable with foods that have a low glycemic … [Read more...]

Does Eating Protein Burn Fat?

While losing weight isn’t the easiest task for some, the equation is pretty simple: To drop pounds, you need to burn more calories than you consume. Can Protein Burn Fat? Now what if I told you that certain foods come with their own built-in fat-burning mechanism? Well, it’s true. These foods are thermogenic - meaning they produce heat and burn calories. Diet-induced thermogenesis (DIT) is the … [Read more...]

Green Tea Burns Fat (And How Long to Steep for Maximum Burn!)

Looking to slim down? Try adding green tea - a fat-burning beverage -  to your daily repertoire. Green Tea Burns Fat: Torch Through More Calories with Tea Green tea has long been praised for its antioxidant benefits, but new research shows it has thermogenic—or fat-burning—attributes, as well. Researchers believe that green tea works its fat-melting magic due to a unique interaction between … [Read more...]

Fish and Weight Loss (Lose 11 LBS of Fat and Boost Omega-3s by 51%!)

If you’re keen on getting svelte (or just dropping a few pounds), you may want to stock up on fish, new research suggests. Fish and Weight Loss: Lose Fat, Reduce BMI and Optimize Your Omegas A study published in Clinical Endocrinology examined how specific fatty acids in muscle cells influence the body’s response to insulin and weight loss. During the study, 21 obese participants ate a diet … [Read more...]

Garlic for Weight Loss (Boost Flavor and Nutrients)

It's not news that that garlic is a nutritional powerhouse. Studies show it boosts immunity, helps to reduce blood pressure, reduces inflammation and much more. And new research shows the stinking rose can help protect against weight gain too. Garlic For Weight Loss: More Flavor, Less Fat A recent study published in the American Journal of Hypertension explored the relationship between a … [Read more...]

The 6 BEST Fat Burning Foods (Eat Everyday for a Lean Body)

If you have pounds that just won't budge, your kitchen is probably in need of a serious makeover.  But this doesn't mean stocking your pantry with low calorie, fake foods, chemical-laden diet shakes or "weight-loss" bars. In fact, it is REAL foods – healthy fats, proteins and nutrient-packed veggies – that are the fat-burning foods your body requires to torch through the layer that's hiding … [Read more...]

Hot Peppers and Weight Loss (Torch Fat With Spice!)

The fiery flavor on your tongue from that chipotle chicken may send more signals to your brain other than "HOT", according to recent research. In fact, the spice may flip your hunger switch to "OFF". Hot Peppers and Weight Loss: Boost Metabolism and Melt Fat A study published in the International Journal of Obesity examined the link between capsaicin, a phytonutrient found in hot peppers, and … [Read more...]

Almonds for Weight Loss (Crunch Your Way to Lower Body Fat and a Trimmer Waist)

If you’re trying to trim your tummy, stave off cravings and get a lean, healthy body, don't pass on almonds. Almonds for Weight Loss: The Nutrient-Packed, Portable Solution for a Slimmer You New research shows that adding almonds to your diet may not only aid in your weight-loss efforts, but also reduce your body fat and cinch your midsection significantly. The 24 week study, published in the … [Read more...]

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