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Do you love cookies, cakes and pies… freshly-baked bread, bagels and flaky croissants?  Who doesn’t!

Unfortunately, these foods can harm your health like few other foods can due to the profound impact they have on our blood sugar and insulin levels.

Gluten-Free Baking: Why Grains, Carbohydrates & Sugars are The REAL Enemy

While the number one enemy in most baked goods is sugar, wheat flours and even gluten-free flours are actually just as bad.

In fact, whether you eat a gluten-free cupcake made with tapioca flour or a traditional baked good made wheat, the impact on your blood sugar will be HIGHER than  if you ate table sugar, white rice or even mashed potatoes!


Tapioca starch is a very high glycemic ingredient found in most gluten free baking blends.

Glycemic Index of Common Foods

  • Tapioca = 115
  • Potatoes = 111
  • White Rice = 89
  • Table Sugar = 52
  • Snickers = 41


The reason these foods are so high glycemic lies in the ratio of starches – either amylose or amylopectin – found in these foods. While amylose reaches the colon pretty much intact, amylopectin is rapidly converted to glucose.

And root starches like potato starch and tapioca starch that are the main ingredients in MOST gluten-free packaged foods are about 80% amylopectin!

Not only do these high glycemic carbs rapidly spike blood sugar and elevate insulin levels (now definitively linked to cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and obesity), these so-called “healthy” gluten-free flours also promote systemic inflammation and oxidation.

Paleo Bakers: Step AWAY From the Honey, Maple Syrup & Dates!

If you’re combining gluten free flours (like tapioca) with most Paleo-approved sweeteners, your blood sugar will be in for a real ride.

Not only are these sticky-sweet substances high on the glycemic index (pushing blood sugars high and fast), but they are filled with health-harming fructose. Fructose has been found to:

  • Cause digestive distress
  • Raise ghrelin – an appetite-boosting hormone
  • Deplete mineral levels
  • Promote a fatty liver
  • Increase triglycerides and oxidized LDL – tow main factors in heart disease and metabolic syndrome
  • Contributing to memory loss and cognitive decline
  • Speed up the aging process due to  glycation – the binding of sugar to protein which causes both inflammation and oxidation – key factors in every chronic disease

Paleo Baking - Healing Gourmet

Paleo & Gluten-Free Baking: Healthy Fat is Where It’s At!

Fortunately, you don’t have to give up your favorite baked goods when going gluten free or Paleo… you simply have to use what we call intelligent ingredients.

These are natural foods that keep your blood sugar stable, provide a high level of satiety and even promote fat-burning.

We’re talking about cakes, pies and breads make with coconut flour, almond flour, coconut oil, macadamia nut oil and perfectly sweetened with a combination of all-natural, low-glycemic sweeteners.

These desserts aren’t just “not bad” for you… they actually provide powerful, nourishing ingredients that promote good health.

Gluten-Free Baking & Cooking Done Right

Want to create a healthy, delicious, gluten free and Paleo goodies at home? Learn more about going gluten free including the 5 dangerous gluten-free ingredients you should avoid at all costs.

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