Introducing the NEW Healing Gourmet Website

Posted on June 24, 2011
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Dear Readers,

After years in development, the all-new, completely-interactive Healing Gourmet website has launched. We are so excited to share this with you, and hope you will take some time to check it out!

And while there is no substitute for digging in and exploring for yourself, I wanted to show you some of the highlights and features you will find on the new and improved site:

  • 1500+ Recipes: You’ll find thousands of recipes in more than 60 categories – everything from slow cooker to smoothie recipes. You can narrow your results in each category to personalize your search even further. And be sure to save your favorites in your personal Recipe Box for quick reference!
  • 800 Menus: Need meal ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks? Browse hundreds of full menus tailored to your unique needs and save your faves in your personal Menu Box.
  • Special Diets: Are you looking for recipes to fight candida… lower blood pressure… or lose weight? Or maybe you want to go raw, Paleo or gluten free. Find 20+ special diet categories with recipes that suit your specific health needs.
  • Healing Gourmet Blog: Learn about the healthiest brands, great new products, healthy cooking tools and techniques, step-by-step recipes and register to win valuable prizes at the Healing Gourmet blog.
  • Best Brands: Search our database of nearly 1,000 healthy packaged foods, each with complete nutrition information and allergen alerts. And if there’s a wholesome packaged food you love, or a staple you just can’t live without – we want to know! Read this article to learn what criteria we use to select Best Brands and how to submit a suggestion.
  • Personalized Recipe Search: Find recipes tailored to your exact specifications using this simple tool.
  • Healthiest Food Search: Looking for foods highest in specific nutrients? Let this tool do the work.

And that’s not all…

Join the World’s Healthiest Cooking Community!

When we began laying the foundation for the new and improved Healing Gourmet, we wanted to create a lot more than a static, educational website. We wanted to create a vibrant community – a place where health-conscious food lovers and health-seekers could interact.

We also wanted to make this community available to anyone who wants to improve their health while enjoying delicious foods – and that’s just what we did!

In the 100% FREE Healing Gourmet Community, you can create your own personal profile to promote your website or blog, save your favorite recipes and menus, connect with like-minded people in special interest groups, discuss health issues, get your questions answered, receive moral support, and much more.

All you have to do is set up your Personal Profile to get started!

But the rewards of joining the Healing Gourmet Community don’t stop there…

Contests, Prizes, Add Your Own Recipes & MORE – COMING SOON!

In the coming months, we’ll be releasing even more FREE tools and features. And one that I am especially excited about is our one-of-a-kind Menu Maker tool.

Using our state-of-the-art interface (with predictive text to save you time!), you can add your own favorite healthy recipes to the Healing Gourmet Community with just a few clicks.
Enter the ingredients, preparation information and a picture (if you choose). Your recipe will be saved with your smiling face and profile, and can be shared with the world (or kept to yourself). And best of all, your recipes are instantly analyzed for nutrition – providing you with complete information on 40 vital nutrients!

This tool will initially be offered FREE to Healing Gourmet Community Members. But we can’t guarantee that this tool will remain free forever, so be sure to sign up today.

Watch this Quick Video for a
Complete Overview of Menu Maker!

And here’s another benefit of adding your own healthy recipes to the community: It qualifies you for valuable prizes like healthy cookware, organic gourmet foods, spa vacations and more!

Be sure to activate your personal profile and watch our newsletters to take advantage of contests and special offers including our upcoming meal planning program – Delicious Solutions.

I’m Popping the Bubbly – and Making a Toast to YOU!

Tonight, I’ll be popping a bottle of biodynamic, organic AOC Champagne Fleury Rosé by Champagne Fleury with my husband, Jon, to celebrate this milestone. And I will be making a toast to you!

Developing the Healing Gourmet website, with thousands of pages and hundreds of thousands of individual records, along with the Delicious Solutions custom meal planning program, has taken more than five years of focused effort.

I have worked with doctors, nutritionists and chefs to create content. I have worked with teams of computer programmers and database engineers to build the systems. And I have worked with designers to ensure that the end result is pleasing to look at and easy to use.

It has been a labor of love and the greatest challenge I have ever undertaken. I have followed this dream because I truly believe that food has the power to heal and eliminate the suffering that countless millions face due to chronic diseases.

So, why will I be making a toast to you?

Because on some of my most challenging days, when I was weary from setbacks and disappointment, when I felt all alone climbing this steep mountain, and when I thought this project would never be finished… I found strength in the kind and encouraging emails many of you have sent.

I am so grateful that our products and services have already benefitted thousands of people and we look forward to touching the lives of millions more with the re-launch of Healing Gourmet and the upcoming launch of Delicious Solutions.

As a special thank you for being so patient and supportive through the years, we would like to provide you with two brand new e-books, absolutely free:


Eating Clean & Saving Green: Your Complete Guide to Organic Foods on a Budget: Learn how you can save $5,700 this year using this complete guide to organic foods on a budget. Includes 100+ Organic Sustainable Foods on the Cheap PLUS 15 Organic Menus for Under $5.





Eat Your Way Into Shape! (Deluxe Edition): Learn how to flip your body’s fat blasting switch and melt 12 pounds in two weeks! Includes a 7 Day Fat Burning Meal Plan.





Just sign up for our newsletter and they’re all yours!

I Want to Hear From YOU!

Over the next few weeks, I will contacting many of you who sent in your healing stories and have expressed interest in being a beta tester for Delicious Solutions.

As you can imagine, I am quite eager to hear your feedback and learn what you think about the site. Please let us know what you like, what you don’t like, and what you’d like to see more of!

Click reply or enter this email to submit your feedback: info AT healinggourmet DOT com

To Your Health & Success,



Kelley Herring
CEO & Editor in Chief
Healing Gourmet

P.S. Our business grows by word of mouth. So if we have helped you in any way and if you are impressed by what you find at the Healing Gourmet website, I hope that you will forward this email to your health-conscious friends and family. Ask them to sign up for our newsletter on the website – or fill out a profile and join the community!

Eat Your Way Into Shape! (Deluxe Edition): Learn how to flip your body’s fat blasting switch and melt 12 pounds in two weeks! Includes a 7 Day Fat Burning Meal Plan. Click here to download your free copy.

7 Responses to Introducing the NEW Healing Gourmet Website

  1. pat says:

    Hi Kelly,

    I’m very thankful for your fantastic web site! Thank you for making so many choices available for people that require many different kinds of diets. My daughter in law developed celiac in high school and is still learning what not to eat. This site is helping her determine just that. Also my just friend discovered she has candida and – viola – a candid diet is available also.
    Healthy foods that help heal and maintain good health was greatly needed in this family.

    From a grateful fan!

    • kelley says:

      Hi Pat,
      Thank you for the kind words and also for taking the time to post a comment! I’m so glad that your family is using the site for ideas and solutions to suit your special health and diet concerns. That’s our main goal here at Healing Gourmet! We have many more tools we’ll be launching in the coming months. One of which, as you may know, is Delicious Solutions – a completely personalized meal planning program that plans all of your meals, provides quick and delicious recipes, generates a shopping list scaled to household servings and even reads labels for you. Please stay tuned. Your feedback is always welcomed and appreciated!

  2. Leaf Eating Carnivore says:

    Nice website, but your diverticulosis recommendations, although mainstream, are out-of-date. Eating nuts, seeds, and/or popcorn has been shown to have no relationship with diverticular attacks. Furthermore, according to a recent study, fiber, particularly insoluble fiber, actually exacerbates the problem. (If constipation is a problem, the authors recommend a stool softener, and/or a motility enhancer. Adequate magnesium intake should so the trick for most.)

    Check out Dr.Mike Eades’ post on insoluble fiber – he’s quite lucid about why insoluble fiber works, and therefore why it is damaging – think bottle brush and inflammatory irritation…

    I can tell you that my gut health improved drastically once I quit eating the stuff.

  3. Elle10 says:

    Some of us have an allergic reaction
    to Magnesium in ANY form, so this wouldn’t
    be a solution for us.

  4. Rebecca says:

    I can’t sign up, or enter any profile information, it keeps going to a database error screen…….

  5. Jeanne says:

    I just ordered your Guilt-Free Desserts and the bonus books from your website. I expected to get Actual Books!!! Not ones I had to download. print out and bind on my own!! I am very upset! You show Actual Books and nowhere in your advertisement does it say that you would Not receive Actual Books!
    I would very much like to receive the books that you show in your advertisement mailed to me! This is false advertisement, I certainly did not intent to spend money for a download when I was shown actual books!

  6. Johanna Shemenski says:

    I think I purchased your Guilt Free Dessert ego ok but cannot seem to access it. Can you help?

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