How to Add Recipes & Menus to Healing Gourmet

Adding your own recipes and menus to Healing Gourmet is easy and takes just a few minutes. If you haven’t watched our introductory video on this great feature, you can watch it here.

But why would you want to add recipes and menus to Healing Gourmet?

  1. To create your very own Recipe & Menu Library that you can access at any time
  2. To share your healthy and delicious recipes and menus with thousands of Healing Gourmet users.
  3. To automatically be entered into monthly contests where you can win valuable PRIZES!
  4. To create a Delicious Solutions meal plan that includes some of your own favorites.
  5. To promote your own website, blog or business – absolutely FREE!

These easy tutorial videos will give you the step-by step instructions to start adding recipes and menus today! Remember, you must be a member of the Healing Gourmet Community to submit, so be sure to sign up here.

After adding your recipes or menus, they will be reviewed and approved. Then, your creation will be visible to the world! Let’s get started.


Adding Recipes to Healing Gourmet

This quick 3 minute video will show you how to add your recipes – step by step. You may also download our PDF guide How to Add Recipes.


Adding Menus to Healing Gourmet